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Liberty's Kids: The Right Ship
Zayn Malik
a_wa wrote in luvontheleftsid
Not my best fanfiction, but figured I'd post it here anyway. :)

The Right Ship
Fandom: Liberty's Kids
Rating: All Ages
Summery: What if Sarah had gotten on the right ship to Philadelphia?

Chapter 1: the ride

Sarah was on a ship that was going to Philadelphia; she couldn't wait to see her father again.
She was writing to her mother.

It was a windy night, a huge storm was going on and what a storm it was.

The captain was nearly blown off board.

Thank goodness he wasn't entirely.

Sarah signed her name, finishing the letter.

Then the ink well fell onto the ground and cracked.

Some of the ink landed on Sarah's nose. She tried to ignore it though.

She wondered what it would be like in Philadelphia when her father returned from the wilderness and her mother joined them.

Sarah wished she was there already; she couldn't wait to see the colonies. She loved adventures, especially when they were far away from her home in London.

She then decided to try and write more with the little ink she had left.

Dearest mother,

this long ride is much more bumpy and windy than I had expected.

There's tons of ink on the floor and I don't know how much more I can write without everything getting blurry.

As I said before though, I am quite excited about coming to Philadelphia, no matter how long that takes.

Your loving daughter, Sarah.

The trip seamed to go on for hours, and very windy hours at that.

Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia...

"So when is this Sarah Phillips going to be here?" James asked.

He, Moses, and Henri had been waiting for Sarah to arrive.

"She should be here soon," said Moses. "Benjamin Franklin said that since it's a very windy night it might take a little while."

"Why does she even have to come here anyway?" James asked. "Why do we need a girl here? and a British girl at that."

"Now now, be nice," said Moses. "Benjamin Franklin said that we have to take care of her until her father returns from the wilderness."

"What does she look like?" Henri asked.

"We don't know yet," Moses said. "We'll know soon though."

"I hope it's soon, waiting for her is getting tiring," said James.

Sarah got up from the desk and looked out the window in the ship.

She could see a boat from a far, it looked like some people were on it. Why though?

Before she could look any closer though, the ship she was on stopped.

Apparently they had arrived.

Finally, thought Sarah, grabbing her pen and paper.

She climbed up the stairs and onto the deck of the ship.

She looked across.

There it was, the same ship.

The people had disappeared from the ship.

Sarah tried to remember what the people had looked like.

They had looked like red coats.

Oh, she thought. They were probably just putting some tea on the ship, or something else.

She walked off of the ship.

Chapter 2: Philadelphia

James kept tapping his feet to the beat of the clock, getting annoyed of waiting for this girl called Sarah.

"James, the time's not going to pass any faster by you doing that," said Moses.

"I know, I know, I know," said James.
Somebody knocked on the door.

"Zhat must be her," Henri said.

"Oh great," said James.

"Be nice," said Moses, walking toward the door.

He opened it and Sarah walked in.

She curtsied.

"Miss Phillips I presume," Moses said.

"Yes," said Sarah. "Pleased to meet you."

Pleased to meet you, James thought in his head. What act is she trying to pull?
Sarah walked up to James and curtsied to him too.

"What act are you trying to pull here?" James asked.

"Excuse me?"

"Nobody acts this nice."

"Now, now James," said Moses. "Benjamin Franklin has just notified me some news."

Chapter 3: The News

"What news?" Sarah asked.

"There is soon to be a protest at a ship by several men," Moses said.

"How can he tell?" James asked.

"He was told by the ones who will do it," Moses explained.

"So, why are you telling us?" James asked.

"Because Benjamin Franklin told me to."


Everybody was quiet for a few seconds.

"Because he wants us to go to Boston and get the story published!"

"When?" James asked.

"You ask too many questions," Moses said. "Tomorrow."


Chapter 4: Boston trip

The next day they headed to Boston, it would take several days but at least they would be able to get there eventually.

Once they arrived, indeed there were men dressed up as Indians destroying tea and throwing it into the water.

Just like Moses had said.

"So what are we supposed to print exactly?" James asked.

"Well, start by writing about what you see the men doing," said Moses.

"Then what?"

"Ask the men on the boat questions."


They got off of the carriage and went onto the boat.

They had ended up reporting about the Boston Tea Party afterall in the end. Things were different between Sarah and James, but we leave how they were different up to the reader.


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