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Arthur: D.W.'s Snow Ball
Zayn Malik
a_wa wrote in luvontheleftsid
Title: D.W.'s Snow Ball
Rating: All Ages
Fandom: Arthur
Summary: What really did happen to D.W.'s Snowball?

A person snuck into D.W.'s house.

The Reeds were all asleep, which made this the perfect time to steal the snowball.

The person really needed this ball of snow, for there was something about it that nobody else knew.

"I'm sorry D.W." the person whispered. "I have to do it though, there's no other choice."

They took the snowball out of the freezer and put it in their pocket.

"This isn't an ordinary snowball," they said after walking out the door. "It's food for aliens; we need it to survive."
The person turned back into an alien and walked away.


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