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Arthur: The New Look
Zayn Malik
a_wa wrote in luvontheleftsid
The New Look
Rating: All Ages
Fandom: Arthur
Summery: Mr. Ratburn has a substitute who announces a Makeover contest! Francine wants it the least, Binky wants it the most.

Chapter 1: the day before

"Remember to do pages forty-eight through fifty-two tonight," said Mr. Ratburn, announcing the class's social studies homework.

"Yay," said Brain.

"Aww," said everybody else.

"Hope you do it," Mr. Ratburn said. "Tomorrow there will be a surprise."

"Wwww-what is it?" Arthur asked, worried. "Will it be a *gulp* test?"

"You'll have to find out tomorrow," said Mr. Ratburn.

"It's going to be a test, I know it," said Buster.

"We better do those pages, or else he might give us a double surprise."

"Oh man," said Buster.

Chapter 2: Ms. Substitute

The next day, there was a surprise alright; a substitute was here!

"Ratburn's never had a substitute in his entire life," said Buster.

"Alright!" he and Buster said together.

"Hello students," said the substitute. "I'm Ms. Mouseflame and I've got a surprise for you all."

"Another surprise?" Arthur asked. "Yay! What is it? A day off?"

"Free snacks?" Buster added.

"Extra homework?" Brain said.

Everybody stared at him.

"What?" Brain asked, confused.

"No, it's something else," Ms. Mouseflame explained.

Chapter 3: Student Makeover

"Makeovers!" Ms. Mouseflame said.

"Awww," Arthur and Buster were disappointed.

"Why what's wrong boys?" Ms. Mouseflame asked, noticing their sad faces.

"Makeovers are for g irls," Arthur said.

"Yeah, and we're not g irls," said Buster. "We're boys! and boys don't do makeovers!"

"Not true," said Binky. "I knew a boy, he wore an orange shirt and blue jeans and he put on make-up."

Buster and Arthur looked at him with surprised faces.

"Who's to say it was me though right?" Binky said, laughing nervously. He then turned around, sat down, and put on a dark shade of lipstick.

"Yes and on the contrary," Ms. Mouseflame said. "If one of the boys do win we'll give you the Abraham Lincoln or Elvis look."

"E-eeee-Elvis look?!" Binky turned around, eyes wide and happy.

"A-bbbbrrrraaa-ham Lincoln look?!" Brain did the same.

Then, they both said, "Let's do this contest thing!"

Chapter 4: Vote day

Francine was probably the one who wanted the makeover the least.

In fact, she was telling everybody she could find to definitely not vote for her, but for Binky instead, so he could get that Elvis look he wanted.

Voting day soon arrived...

Before school, the makeover would be given to the winner while they were asleep. That's why they were all asked what look they wanted if they won.

"I want the Abraham Lincoln look," Brain said, telling the makeover-artists his choice.

Next, it was Francine's turn.

"I want the... well, whatever," said Francine. "I don't really care, as long as it's not a boy look."

After all the kids had gone, it was time for voting.

Chapter 5: The Winner

The next day, at 4 AM, the makeover artists pulled the winner out of their bed and took them to the makeover studio.

Then, at 4:10 brought them back.

The next day, Arthur and Buster went to school.

They knew who the winner was, but the winner didn't know it was them.

Mr. Ratburn was back and ready to teach.

"So Mr. Ratburn, who won?" Francine asked.

"You did," Mr. Ratburn said.

"What?!" Francine was shocked. "How could I win? That's gotta be a mistake right?"

"Hey, I thought I told you all to vote for me," Binky said to several kids angrily.

"I thought I told you all not to vote for me," said Francine.

She was very upset about her new look; it was the worst thing she had ever seen.


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