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Arthur: Feelings On Winning
Zayn Malik
a_wa wrote in luvontheleftsid
One of my personal favorite old writings. :) Is that bad, that I pick favorites of my own old stories?

Feelings On Winning
Rating: All Ages
Fandom: Arthur
Summery: 92-worded sequel to The New Look. The title explains what it's about; Francine's feelings on winning.

"You did," said Arthur.

"Then why did you?" Francine was very angry.

"We all wanted you to anyway."

"Did you ever think about how I was going to feel though?"

"We figured you would like it."

"Well I don't," Francine said, still angry.

"Have you even looked in the mirror?" Buster asked.

"No, but I can tell."

When she got home, she was crying. Her mom tried asking her what was going on.

All Francine said though was, "I hate my looks."

Her mom told her "looks aren't things that should matter."


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