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luvontheleftsid's Journal

icons and fanfiction by a_wa
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icons and fanfiction by a_wa.
Stripes! Spam Photobucket Smell my hair

Like what you see? then welcome! Yes, this is one of those Journals JUST for someone's icons and fanfiction.

Yes, you can join, you just have to be approved first. You won't be able to post anything, but you will be able to see more things than other people. (Most things are public anyway. :))

Why were you rejected?: 1. You have posted 0, 1, 2, or 3 entries, but have 0 userpics, 0 tags, so, who knows if you'll actually comment on anything. 2. I don't know you (enough) to trust you with seeing the fanfiction only members can see.

I do take requests, and try to do every one of them. It might take a little longer than you think for stories, but I try my best. And also; I'll do ANY pairing. Whether I ship it or not. Just ask. :)